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I look forward to learning more about you but in the meantime, here is a little about me. This is such a cliché origin story. I wish I could say a radioactive spider dropped onto my hand and poof I loved photography but...we all come by our superpowers and our passions in different ways. It happened to me in a dark room in High School. I watched one of my very own photographs slowly develop in a tray. I had been an aspiring artist but until that moment I had no idea what medium I wanted to pursue. The moment before that picture was a tattoo artist.

After that I had a successful career in photojournalism for 25 years, working all over the great state of Michigan. I watched Grand Rapids grow into a city, witnessed the destruction of the car industry in Flint, and became fascinated with NASCAR in Jackson. I found a new passion in those years: Storytelling. I started my Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo based Wedding and Portrait Photography business in 2009. It has been a whirlwind ride. Now, I get to use both of my passions, photography and storytelling, to document the special moments in people's lives.

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